American Girl Doll with Book #2

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  • American Girl Melody Ellison

Melody’s outfit is intended to reflect the casual style of the early to mid-60s for African-American/Negro[1] girls.While general silhouettes of the era were alike, historically African Americans in the 1960s wore brighter, bolder colors; many white people wore pastels or muted tones, still influenced by late 50s conservative colors and styles. This did not quite change until around mid-to-later in the decade.


Sleeveless knee-length A-line houndstooth print dress. Print is of dark aqua, light blue, and yellow lines in grid. Kick pleats on either side of dress starting at hip height. Fold over blue “silk” cowl style collar. Blue silk double bow at front; single bows on kick pleat sides. Basic hem. Velcros up the back. More Information:



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