This Little Bean of Mine

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Enjoy fresh and unique coffee from local business, This Little Bean of Mine!  This package includes:

1 – Clever Dripper Brewer ($29.00 Value)
1 – 1lb Rowlett Blend Whole Bean coffee ($16.00 Value)
1 – $20 gift card for good at

“Fresh coffee is the best coffee, and even the best coffees can go stale. Our first priority is getting freshly roasted coffee to people within two weeks of being roasted. Easy as that.

Every coffee is unique, so no one roast will do. We strive to find the best roast levels for every coffee, individually.

Enrich every life we touch. We have been blessed in many ways and will use what we have to bless others through our business. We strive to provide our customers with an enriching experience of delicious, fresh roasted coffee. We are also committed to ethically sourcing our coffees in ways that meet or exceed fair trade standards.”

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